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... without long timelines!

Do you keep putting off important design projects because you dread the process?

You already know that high-quality branding and design are essential for you to make the right impact in the world. But as a busy woman entrepreneur, you simply don’t have time for the traditional process (requesting quotes, and then waiting for weeks and weeks and weeks to see your designs.)

Not to mention all those emails!



with Angelica

Fast. Efficient. Fun!

Imagine having a professional graphic designer all to yourself for a day.

When you work with me, I’m 100% yours during our time together—laser‑focused on your business, pinging you proofs as I work, and then quickly incorporating your feedback.

I even shut down my email and silence notifications! And because we make a plan in advance, you know exactly what you can expect to be completed.

Imagine… crossing that graphic design project right off your list… by dinnertime.

Things we could do in a day

Each DesignDay is unique and tailored to your specific needs.
These are examples of what is typically possible in a day. Schedule a Discovery Call to chat about the details of your wishlist.

Brand Essentials

Create a logo, colors, and brand style that truly reflects the heart and essence of who you are! Includes a powerful Mastermind Session before your DesignDay, where we dig deep with my signature Goldmining process. This is where the magic and epiphanies happen!


More elaborate logos and/or additional variants, patterns, etc. may require 2 days.

Basic Website

Just starting? Launch your business with a beautiful, single-page scrolling website (or 2-3 shorter pages).

Growing? Let’s build that new sales page you need. Or give your original DIY site a refresh.

Larger sites, help with copywriting & editing, or tech integrations will require 2-3 days.

Expand Your Brand

Expand your existing branding it to every piece of content you put into the world:  business cards, brochures, price sheets, workbooks, social media templates, lead magnets, course graphics, slideshow templates, etc.

Book a free Discovery Call to discuss your particular needs, and I’ll help you determine what is realistic in a day.

Now booking late May

What’s included.

Client Portal

Including access to my signature Goldmining brand process and/or Next Level website content guide.

Mastermind Session

45-60 mins. My eyes and brain on your strategy, content, business goals, etc.

DesignDay Intensive

7-8 hours of my time and expertise

BONUS  :: 30 days of email support
BONUS ::  video tutorials for website
Reserve your day with a 50% deposit.
Use within the next 90 days.

Here’s how it works.

Pick a day

Choose the date that works best for you. And remember to give yourself time to do any prep work before your intensive (2 weeks is recommended). Reserve your date with a 50% deposit.


After you book your date, you’ll receive a few emails from me. 1) confirmation of your scheduled date; 2) an invitation to your client portal; 3) a welcome email with important pre-work info you need, and a link to schedule your Kickoff Call. 


On our day together, we will mostly communicate through WhatsApp, Slack, or Viber while I blaze through your project – with occasional calls or video chats if we need to discuss something in more depth. 

Support Period

I aim to complete at least 90% of the work during our day, but always allow up to 1 hour for tweaks during the following 5 business days.

For 30 days after your day, I’m available via email, if you’re feeling lost, confused or stuck on anything related to the work we accomplished.

Ready to ditch the delay...
and get it done in a day?

Still have questions?
Book a free, Discovery Call and let’s chat (no pressure).

Important note

When you schedule a DesignDay, you are booking me for a block of time, not a specific set of deliverables. I commit to working efficiently and without distractions in order to complete as much as possible during our time together.

You can help guarantee a successful day by completing your pre-work thoroughly, and being available on your day to quickly respond to questions, ideas, and proofs. 

If you have any questions or concerns,
please book a free discovery call first so we can talk about it.

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