The Design you Need.
When you need it.

Work with me.

Refreshingly different

enjoy having a professional designer all to yourself for a day!

As a busy entrepreneur, you simply don’t have time for the traditional graphic design process (requesting quotes, and then waiting for weeks and weeks and weeks to see your designs.) Not to mention all those emails!

When you work with me, I’m 100% yours during our time together. I even shut down my email and silence notifications! And because we make a plan in advance, you know exactly what you can expect to be completed during the day.

Imagine… crossing that design project right off your list… by dinnertime. Phew!

Brand Strategy Intensive

Almost every new client* begins with this half-day intensive. Together, we dive deep into the heart of your business, identify the foundations of your brand: your unique magic who you serve, and place in the market, and your vibe.

End the morning with Brand Blueprint and renewed clarity & focus.


This is the hands-on, creative stage! Whether crafting a new assets, or revising existing material – you enjoy my undivided focus on your project for 7-8 hours, providing feedback in real time.  

End the day with files in hand!

*Exceptions: if you have a well-established brand and messaging and simply need to build out additional visual assets or clean up some chaos on your website, we can jump straight to a DesignDay. — Not sure? Let’s chat about it first.

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