Greater Clarity = Greater Impact.

Brand Strategy Intensive

vague doesn't sell well.

Design begins with clarity and specificity.

If your online presence doesn’t match your energy, your dream clients can’t even see the real you. And you risk losing them before they even say hello. 

My approach to branding and design begins with clarity and specificity. Because your particular approach, personality, and quirks are the reason your particular people will want to work with you.

In your Brand Strategy Intensive, we’ll go deep below the surface to identify your magic and define your vibe! 

Then we’ll clarify where you fit in the market so you can stand out from the crowd. 

Just the renewed confidence from this process will create  new momentum in your business!



What’s included.

GoldMining Workbook

My signature process to help you uncover your magic and clarify your positioning.

Brand Strategy Intensive

5 hours of my brand and eyes, laser-focused on you and your business..

Mastermind Session

90-minute Zoom (mid-morning) during which we go deeper together to help you get even clearer. We'll also crafting some core messages that you can use when talking about your work.

Brand Blueprint

3-page PDF document which provides direction and alignment for you design, communication, and business decisions. Includes color story, positioning messages, brand archetype, brand values & personality, differentiators ... and more.

BONUS  :: 15 days of email support
Brand Strategy Intensive


Reserve your day with a 50% deposit.
Use within the next 90 days.
Pick a day

Choose the date that works best for you. And remember to give yourself time to do any prep work before your intensive (2 weeks is recommended). Reserve your date with a 50% deposit.


After you book your date, you’ll receive a few emails from me. 1) confirmation of your scheduled date; 2) an invitation to your client portal; 3) a welcome email with important pre-work info you need, and a link to schedule your Kickoff Call. 

intensive day

On our day together, we will mostly communicate through WhatsApp, Slack, or Viber while I blaze through your project – with occasional calls or video chats if we need to discuss something in more depth. 

Support Period

I aim to complete at least 90% of the work during our day, but always allow up to 1 hour for tweaks during the following 5 business days.

For 30 days after your day, I’m available via email, if you’re feeling lost, confused or stuck on anything related to the work we accomplished.

Brand Strategy Intensive

Brand Strategy Intensive

$650 (after May 31, $750)

End the morning with Brand Blueprint and renewed clarity & focus.


This is the hands-on, creative stage! Whether crafting a new assets, or revising existing material – you enjoy my undivided focus on your project for 7-8 hours, providing feedback in real time.  

End the day with files in hand!

*Exceptions: if you have a well-established brand and messaging and simply need to build out additional visual assets or clean up some chaos on your website, we can jump straight to a DesignDay. — Not sure? Let’s chat about it first.

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