Light up the world with visuals they can’t resist.

Your dream clients want someone just like you.

If your online presence doesn’t match your energy, they can’t see the real you.

I craft beautiful brands and websites that make you look as good as you actually are — so your audience has the chance to become (rightly) obsessed and say: “I’m working with HER.”

You’re here because you’ve outgrown your website.

...or other marketing materials

Maybe you hired someone to do it on the cheap. Or you built it yourself when you were just starting out (good for you!). 

But you’ve sized up, and your marketing no longer fits (or never did in the first place).  

You care so deeply about the work you’re doing (and you’re phenomenal at it!) — but that passion and expertise simply don’t shine through on your website.

Do any of these sound like you?

  • Nothing has changed on your website in 3+ years. The info is no longer accurate, the look is painfully outdated, and you’ve stopped sending people to it because it causes more confusion than anything.
  • Over the years, you kept adding to your site, and it’s starting to look like something from Frankenstein’s laboratory: broken pieces, too many fonts … and you never did figure out how to hook up your email list.
  • You never got around to upgrading that $15 Fiverr logo from when you were just starting out.

You have the nagging feeling that you’re missing out on some really wonderful potential clients. 

The bitter truth? You’re probably right.

It’s time to take things to the next level.

Let’s rescue your website from the past and give it a makeover so it represents the future of your business with beautiful and polished designs.  

Who you are matters.

It matters to the world.
It matters to your clients.
And it matters to your brand. 

When you work with me, we go deep below the surface to define your whole vibe! Together, we sift through all your ideas, expertise, stories …and even those pesky self-doubts. 

Remember how Michelangelo chipped away all the excess marble to reveal beautiful statues? I chip away the fluff to help you distill and amplify the core of your brand and your expertise. Plus, I help you clarify where you fit in the market so you can stand out from the crowd

Beautiful designs you’ll share with pride.

After getting get to know you and your brand, I’ll design custom visuals that capture your unique vibe—so your perfect people instantly know they’re in the right place and can’t wait to work with you!

You’ll walk away proud and excited to share your business—with a new brand clarity that extends to everything you do in your business.

Sounds good? Then it’s time to work with a professional brand & web designer = me!

The best part is...

It doesn’t have to take forever!

With my entrepreneur-focused DesignDays, you do some friendly homework, and then I do my work on a pre-scheduled day (or few).

So you can get back to what you really love: working with your favorite clients.

Just a day or two? Yup!

What clients say...

"Angelica is brilliant!

Seriously. She made my website look so fierce I never. to worry about how my art is showcased."
“Highly recommended. The journey we took from start to finish, surprised me, caused me to see myself differently, and delighted me with the result! [logo] ”
Tonia Pinheiro
Coach + Author
”Working with Angelica has been an absolute dream come true. Websites and personal branding can be overwhelming, but she made the process fun & inspiring."

I'm Angelica

I’m fired up to collaborate with passionate business owners like you, who do work that lights you up! 

I admire that you followed your heart and would love to help you capture what makes you YOU—and create beautiful designs that make your business shine.

Here’s some of what makes me me….

I'm a total Scorpio.

We Scorpios are all about getting under the surface, to the deep core of things. I’m totally obsessed with personality tests. 

This makes me really good at identifying the essence of what makes you unique in business.

I‘m offended when people create things that aren’t aesthetically pleasing. Why?

I sing opera. For me, this is all about beauty. I adore this process of simultaneously:

  • crafting a stunningly beautiful sound right in the moment
  • channeling the unique genius of Mozart or Puccini
  • and stepping into the skin of a character

The end goal? To give my audience an experience beauty. 

As your designer,  I channel YOUR genius — stepping into the shoes of your client to understand the value you bring and shaping that into something that resonates with your audience. Pretty isn’t good enough. It’s a thing of beauty when it comes together just right. 

Waldorf teacher. Adaptive ski instructor. Swing dance teacher. Voice teacher. There’s little I enjoy more than passing on knowledge or helping people take the next brave step forward. 

I’m not technically a business coach! But my clients always receive nuggets of the wisdom I’ve learned from my own coaches, many years as a business owner, and half a decade living on this planet as someone who’s deeply allergic to the phrase “I don’t know.” (As you can imagine, I’ve learned a lot!). 

My favorite coffee shops are the quirky, funky neighborhood ones with amazing chai lattes. I compost & recycle all the things, use organic skin care* … and have been known to make my own mayo. And I have a huge soft spot for massage therapists, counselors, yoga teachers, and all the gentle do-gooders of this world. 

But on a Friday night you’re more likely to find me at the opera or sipping on a bougie craft cocktail . And I a serious taste for perfectly cut clothing brands that are waaaaaaaay out of price range (yay consignment stores).

I’m a big hearted softie.
But also Germanic and blunt as f***. 


*Hauschka is my favorite. (Hmm… is that more on the earth-loving hippy or more fancypants European?)


You can trust that everything I touch is high‑quality, beautiful, and precise.

Want to get to know me face-to-face?

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